PhilGEOS 2021

Geomatics in the New Normal: Shifting Paradigms in a Changed World

16 November 2021 | Pre-conference Workshop: Pista Ng Mapa 2021

17-19 November 2021 | Virtual Conference


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Philippine Geomatics Symposium (PhilGEOS) 2021

Since its reported first human cases in December 2019, the number of confirmed cases of COVID-19 continues to increase globally. To date, the WHO reported more than 140 million confirmed COVID-19 cases, claiming the lives of more than 3 million people infected with the disease (WHO, 2021). The Philippines has the second largest number of COVID-19 cases in Southeast Asia with almost a million confirmed cases (CSIS, 2021) (DOH, 2021). The country is left with no other option but to manage the pandemic with limited resources and an already challenged health care system.

The role of Geomatics in the management of a health crisis such as the ongoing pandemic cannot be overstated. Near real time tracking of new confirmed cases of COVID-19, mapping of available hospital beds and facilities, and assessment of socioeconomic impacts of the pandemic are just some of the many applications of Geomatics that provide support in the management of the pandemic.

THEME: Geomatics in the New Normal: Shifting Paradigms in a Changed World

This year’s Philippine Geomatics Symposium is uniquely special as this will be the first time to hold the event online. The theme for PhilGEOS 2021 centers on how Geomatics can become an essential tool for proper management of crises, such as but not limited to COVID-19 pandemic, and help communities build resiliency to quickly adapt and find solutions leveraging the use of geospatial data and analyses. Different technical presentations and talks will be held in the 3-days symposium.